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Patriot Paint is a residential and commercial painting franchise, who employs a “hire a Veteran first” policy. We believe that by hiring veterans, not only are we giving back to those who sacrificed for our freedoms, but we are actually elevating the painting services industry by improving the workforce skill sets. Delivering a higher quality customer experience, more dependable services, at a great value, are the guiding principles for our franchise growth! In addition, Patriot Paint is developing its own line of paint colors and products, of which a portion of all profits will go to benefit numerous Veterans Charity Foundations.

Our Founders

Turning Vision Into Reality! 

Elliott Garofalo

Elliott Garofalo is CEO and co-Founder of Patriot Paint, which was an idea crafted to help a friend grow his business. Having spent the last 20 years advising companies, from startups to Fortune 50, on ways to improve their business. I knew the best companies not only made an impact to their industry, but they made a difference to our communities! Our desire to improve the quality and standards of our industry, for our clients, while making a difference in people’s lives, is our mission statement. This is Patriot Paint!

Elliott is responsible for the strategic direction, and go-to market strategies for the company. Having developed and refined business market strategies while having P/L responsibilities for start up divisions to billion dollar lines of business during his career, the idea of Patriot Paint and its impact to our Veterans, was to enticing to not be a part of it! Having lost his father, who served in the USMC during Vietnam, at an early age as a result of Agent Orange, Elliott is intent on helping Veterans and their families.

Our strategy to utilize and augment our workforce with highly trained and skilled Veterans will enable us to deliver both residential and commercial painting projects more effectively, by getting it done right the first time! Our clients will not have to worry about project delays because of dependability, rework because of poor execution, and miscommunications because of language barriers.

The difference for our customers is, not only a better painting experience, but by hiring us, you are giving back to all those Veterans who served for you and I! So the next time you have a painting job, don’t just hire a painter, hire a Patriot!

Tom McGettrick

Tom McGettrick is President and co-Founder of Patriot Paint. Tom's start in the painting business came at an early age. As the son of an Irish craftsman, he found himself learning the trade on the job at the age of 13. His education began with the most basic, fundamental principles and practices and evolved to a level most painters don't get to appreciate. The most important being that customer satisfaction drives every decision made within the business. It's out of this philosophy that Patriot Paint was ultimately borne.

Tom is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Patriot Paint. Having managed and mentored many painters throughout his career, he recognized the need for a reliable and dedicated workforce. People who possess the intangibles, like many of our veterans, have been critical members of his previous teams.

Employing his experience in the industry, injecting technology into the business, and utilizing our country's greatest human resource, our veterans, Patriot Paint can do more for our customers than just execute an amazing paint job on time and within budget. We provide the opportunity for our customers to give back to those that have given so much to them.


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