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Our Values


Living our values depends on our commitment to:

Making decisions through insights, collaboration, and trust 
Respecting our vendor and business partners
Taking quick action and bringing energy to challenges
Investing our talents and those of our teams wisely
Demonstrating integrity, acting with dignity and respect
Giving back and sharing our strength with those in need
Rewarding, recognizing, and celebrating each other
Having fun


Our Mission


Being a responsible is integral to our success and that of the customers, partners and community we serve. As PSN, corporate social responsibility is embedded into our values and helps guide how we conduct business and deliver on our goals and commitments. We believe in a future where people from all walks of life are valued for their unique contributions. And, where our company is more than just an address on a map but a part of the local community. 

Elliott Garofalo 

Elliott is responsible for the strategic direction, and go-to market strategies for the company. Having spent the last 20 years advising companies, from startups to Fortune 50, on business transformation initiatives, Elliott has set his focus on bringing innovation to the construction industry.


Having developed and refined business market strategies while having P/L responsibilities for start up companies to billion dollar lines of business during his career, the idea of PSN and disrupting an entire industry drives him each day. His pension for challenging the norms, leveraging cross industry business processes, and fueling high growth organizations, perfectly positions PSN for success!


Having lost his father, who served in the USMC during Vietnam, at an early age as a result of Agent Orange, Elliott is intent on helping Veterans and their families. A founding principal of PSN is to give back to our communities, and support those who need it, and deserve it most. He believes our business success should be based not just on our financial statement, but also by our impact to the community.

George Schaefer 
COO and Operating Partner

George has led an impressive career as a top operations leader in his 35 years working in the restaurant, retail and franchising industry. Serving as COO at Patriot Services Network, he plays a major role in delivering operational systems to his clients and developing the people capabilities within the company’s team members and vendor partners.

Before joining Patriot Service Network, George held was Vice President of Schlotzsky’s Brand Operations and was a Regional Director for H.E.Butt Grocery Company in Central Texas. George served in the U.S. Navy and was honorably discharged.

As a Navy veteran and former Army brat, George has a unique perspective when it comes to helping our veterans and is highly motivated to find ways to give back to these American heroes.

George has a passion for photography and enjoys all manner of outdoor activities. An avid bocce ball enthusiast, he is working towards his goal to someday become a member of the U.S. Olympic Curling Team. 


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