Project Manager Services

“One of the biggest gaps in construction is qualified, competent project management. How many times have your projects suffered missed timelines from subpar contractors? How many of your projects have you actually delivered within budget, and not suffered significant margin erosion? How many different technology platforms have you tried for project governance? One final question, why do you continue to do the same thing and expect a different result? PSN’s agile-based project methodology and supporting toolset, known as “Patriot Vanguard”, coupled with PSN’s highly trained PM’s, is the ultimate risk mitigation service offering in the industry. “

Benefits of Patriot Vanguard:

• Headcount savings by eliminating unnecessary resources typically deployed to manage client culpability and controls

• Simplify vendor management, and issue resolution with a single vendor, who’s implemented extensive vetting, and processes to manage all trades

• Drastically mitigate financial risk with true project controls and governance to produce greater delivered project margins, significantly impacting the bottom line

• Truly differentiate your firm by actually hitting project targets and timelines


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